Retirement Planning’s “Hidden” Questions

In This Episode:

The retirement planning world is filled with plenty of advice and suggestions, but there are critical questions lurking in the shadows – the unasked, the overlooked. These are the questions that can help define the comfort and security of your retirement future.

On this episode, we unearth and tackle these hidden, but essential questions about retirement. We’ll make sure you know why we need to answer these questions, but we also want to make sure you understand how we determine an answer to each of these. We’ll cover items like life insurance, medical coverage, inflation, and caring for your elderly parents so join us to learn more about these often overlooked planning conversations.

Here are the questions we’re going to address in this episode:

  • How much are my tax-deferred savings going to cost me in taxes?
  • How much can I withdraw from my savings each year?
  • Should I still have life insurance when I’m retired?
  • What kind of medical coverage will I need over and above Medicare?
  • How will inflation impact me?
  • Should I be planning for the costs of caring for elderly parents?

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