In This Episode:

Ever wish you could foresee financial missteps before they happen? On today’s episode explore some real-life stories of regret and arm yourself with the essential dos and don’ts to ensure your money works for you, not against you.

The truth is we’re all human and mistakes are going to happen, but the great thing about working with a financial advisor is you can benefit from the experience they’ve gleaned from watching others make mistakes through the years. We’ll share some of that today and help you apply it to your own financial lives in order to help you have the best retirement possible.

Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode:

  • What can go wrong when you withdraw money from your IRA early.
  • Don’t let lifestyle creep set in and keep you from saving more during your peak earning years.
  • A general savings tip that Ryan gives people.
  • What are your funding options for college tuition so that your own retirement isn’t ruined?
  • Are you putting enough money into a Roth right now?

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