We all know someone who just never apologizes. 

They might seem sorry by their body language or facial expressions, but why is it so hard for them to just say the darn words?

What if you’re that person?

There’s hope for you, don’t worry. 

You might find it hard to apologize simply for the fact that pride gets in the way. It’s not easy admitting you’re wrong (even if you’re adamant that pineapple is a perfectly acceptable pizza topping)

The trick is to understand what makes saying “I’m sorry” so healing to the one who needs to hear it, and relieving to the one who needs to give it. 

A real apology is a relief for the giver – it gives a sense of closure and eliminates ongoing feelings of guilt. 

For the receiver, hearing “I’m sorry” translates into “I know I hurt you, and I know that’s not ok. I care about your feelings”.

So what if you’re in a situation that warrants an apology? 

  • Be sincere. An apology should never sound like an excuse or a justification for poor behavior. It should come from the heart and should be an acceptance of responsibility for one’s actions. 
  • Acknowledge the feelings of the other person, especially if there were consequences for the other person as a result of your actions. 
  • Offer solutions. Maybe it was a simple mistake, a slip of the tongue, or a simple misunderstanding. The key is correcting the problem. If it’s a one-time mistake, it needs to stay a one-time mistake (I mentioned pineapple-on-pizza, right?).

As for forgiveness, depending on the severity of the transgression (remember, this is relative!), the wronged person may need some time. Forgiveness might not even come. That being said, you can only do your part with sincere, genuine remorse. 

After that, it’s up to them to reciprocate so that reconciliation can happen. 

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