Markets are volatile because they respond to the news of the day. 

News is unpredictable, so doesn’t it follow that the markets will be unpredictable, too?

It doesn’t matter how true that fact is – truth doesn’t make it enjoyable.

It’s how you choose to respond to the volatility that determines how successful you are with investing. 

Have you ever seen or heard of those giant redwood trees in Muir Woods, just north of San Francisco?

Some of those trees stand over 250 feet, but they don’t grow the same amount every year. In fact, these trees don’t grow at all in some years!

Remember, every one of them was a tiny seedling at one point.

Time and patience grew them into giants. The same is true with money.

Successful investors don’t look at their net worth every day because they know there’s no point. Investing is a long game. 

Do you think you can commit to not feverishly checking your portfolio on the regular?

If not, that’s where our system comes in. We can show you how your redwood is growing and take care of it for you – and even make sure you don’t pull out the chainsaw and cut it down too early. 

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