You know, there are tons of benefits to working from home (for example, if you have a 25-minute commute each day, you’ve saved yourself four hours a week!). 

Despite the upsides, some of the shine of working at home may have worn off by now. I mean, many of us have been doing it for almost two years!

That begs the question – how can you stay engaged at work when you’re stuck in your home office? I’ve got a few tips for you that just might help you get your spark back.

Make Time To Be Social. It might not be possible to have those day-to-day watercooler chats that make work more enjoyable, so why not schedule 20-30 minutes a week to just socialize with your co-workers? Or – even better, why not have a virtual lunch session a few times a week?

Start The Day Strong. Take five or ten minutes in the morning to jot down your intentions and goals for the day. As you check off these to-dos, you’ll get a positive mental boost that comes from your accomplishments. 

Step Away. Don’t stay at your desk staring at your computer screen for 8-10 hours a day. Our bodies were not meant for it, and it’s harmful to both your physical and mental health. Every hour or so, step away and walk around. Make it a point to step outside and get some fresh air at least a few times a day.

Spruce Up Your Office. A change of scenery can make a huge difference in your mindset towards your work, and you don’t have to break the bank to refresh your workspace. Doing something as simple as altering the direction your desk faces can be a gamechanger. (Of course, if you do have the budget, there are always Pinterest boards to drool over for inspiration.)

Making money isn’t the only way we can help you get creative. We get creative when we help you keep it, too. 

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