There’s always that one guy who insists on doing everything around the house himself.

Mowing the lawn? He’s there, even though his mower is one of those ancient manual push ones from the 80s.

Taxes? He’ll do that himself too, and he does it well!

Septic tank overflowing on the lawn? You get the point.

He (or she) has taken it upon themselves to right the wrongs caused by nature’s cruel sense of humor when many of us would balk at the idea of handing these things ourselves. It’s often much easier to just call a repairman to fix it. Sure, it’s going to cost us (and lord knows how much), but it’ll be one less thing to worry about.

We don’t think about how that one guy (or gal) gets to save that money we would have spent on these undesirable chores. He’s taken the time to learn how to do them so that he can be a step ahead of you or me. 

And guess what? He also doesn’t have to wait for the repairman to show up for his probably-between-9am-and-8pm (but actually closer to noon) timeslot because he’s got the foresight to plan for these small bumps and bruises.

And he doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty to do it, all in the name of not paying someone else to do what they can do for free.

Of course, on the other side of the spectrum, maybe you don’t mind paying a skilled tradesman to fix the septic tank, or an accountant to do those taxes, or even little Billy down the road to do your lawn for you to earn a little extra spending money over the summer. 

Doing so may lighten your pockets a little bit, but what you will gain is time – and those chores will be done by someone who can probably do it better than you. 

There’s no wrong answer for which you should fit into. It all boils down to preference and your own personal level of skill.

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