How We Help Healthcare Professionals


Healthcare professionals face very specific challenges when it comes to retirement planning and if you’re not prepared they can totally derail the rewards you deserve for a lifetime of hard work.

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Comprehensive Planning

We incorporate all of the items below into your planning opportunities:

  • IRAs/403bs/401k/Roth/Rollovers
  • Portfolio construction and rebalancing investments
  • Wealth accumulation
  • Retirement planning
  • Insurance
  • Comprehensive financial planning
  • Tax strategies
  • Student Loans

As a Certified Student Loan Professional®, my specialized education in student loans allows me to help borrowers make informed repayment decisions considering their full financial situation and financial goals.

There are so many questions about what to do with student loan debt—and I learned best practices and top methods for our clients to consider. Changing repayment schedules and different strategies for filing taxes are just two ways to try to reduce monthly payments, and I’m thrilled to be able to offer that knowledge and more to our clients as they navigate their student loans. I particularly focus working with healthcare providers.

Student Loan Services

  • Navigate through repayment plan options
  • Review of alternative repayment plans 
  • Determine if consolidation is needed
  • Determine if private refinancing is appropriate
  • Monthly projection for each available repayment plan 
    • Projected pay off date
    • Total cost of loan payback
    • Potential savings with repayment plan
  • Savings strategy if there is a future tax liability from any forgiven debt
  • Strategize on how to reduce your Adjusted Gross Income for Income-Driven Repayment
  • Assistance with necessary applications/paperwork 


Step 1: Introductory Call

This is an opportunity to find out if what I offer is what you are looking for. Let’s connect over a complimentary 15-20 minute phone call.

Step 2: Data Gathering Call

During this meeting, we will review & clarify the data provided and have an in-depth conversation around the financial goals for your household.

Step 3: Plan Development

Step 4: Plan Review and Implementation

During this meeting, I will outline your specific recommendations to begin making progress towards your financial goals.

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CSLP®️ (Certified Student Loan Professional) is the only designation designed specifically for financial professionals who have demonstrated that they have obtained the minimum level of subject matter competency in order to effectively provide student loan repayment advice within the context of general personal finances.

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