In our younger days, we’re prone to make mistakes with our money, especially if no one taught us proper financial management.

This can mean owing money on a credit card, paying interest off for years at a time. Or worse, defaulting on a card or account and – oh, great – you’re being harassed by a collection agency.

When your account is sent to collections, a collection agency buys your debt from the creditor (that’s whoever you owe money to) at a rate lower than what you owe. Their job is to collect that money from you directly to make their money back – and a tidy profit.

And these people can be relentless in their efforts to get the money from you.

From straight-up stalking, constant calls, and sometimes illegal tactics, some collection agencies will stop at almost nothing to get their way.

Sometimes you can get them to settle your debt with them – which means they’ll take a hit on what you owe in exchange for you paying a portion of it. 

They close your file once your debt’s paid, but you had a defaulted account. That blemish will show on your credit for several years and limit your ability to get approved for future credit opportunities.

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