Most people dread talking to their spouse about money – and it’s even worse if money is tight.  

For many couples, talking about their finances is about as enjoyable as having dinner with the in-laws. Some, though, have no trouble having these conversations, and frankly, they seem happier for it. 

They openly discuss potential issues and relish discussing their financial futures.  

These couples are experiencing financial intimacy.

What is ‘financial intimacy’? In a nutshell, it’s working together as a couple to discuss your mutual and individual needs, wants, goals, and desires when it comes to money.

Sounds easy enough in theory, but why is this so hard for most couples? 

Let’s be honest, it’s just. not. fun. 

Having tough money conversations isn’t like having paper plates to throw in the trash when you don’t want to do the dishes. 

But having a talk about money doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Just break it down. Here’s what I mean…

Have micro-meetings. If you’re both receptive to the idea of having these talks, but feel overwhelmed when the topic gets out of hand, focus on one aspect at a time. 

It could be as simple as ‘I feel we need to trim down our grocery budget. We spend an awful lot on processed junk and treats. What do you think?’ 

It’s essential to get your partner’s feedback and really listen to what they have to say, even if their thoughts end up on the opposite side of the fence. 

If your spouse counters by saying, ‘But I like my nightly bag of Oreos. It’s not even that expensive!’. You might agree that you enjoy the snacks too, but you could suggest cutting the treats down to a few nights a week rather than every night. 

You’ll save 50% of your treat budget (and your waistline), and you’ll have an idea of how your spouse really feels about the matter – good or bad! 

Work together to meet in the middle. You might have to compromise, but when it comes to finances, it’s going to be easier, in the long run, to have these micro-meetings now than a mega-meltdown later!

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